MYTH: The goal of personal training is to develop large, bulky muscles.

TRUTH: Clients all have their own goals, but most of these consist of fat loss, endurance, lean muscle development, flexibility, balance and core strengthening. LEAN is not a facility for bodybuilders.

MYTH: Personal training clients are athletes who compete frequently.

TRUTH: While LEAN does train some clients who participate in regional competitions, such as marathons and triathlons, the majority of our clients lead low-exercise, professional lives. For most, training is a tool they use to lose fat or combat the wear and tear of desk work and stress in their daily lives.

MYTH: Runners don’t need to resistance train.

TRUTH: Whether running, walking, biking, all forms of cardiovascular exercise provide outstanding benefits for the heart, the respiratory system and the muscular system. However, an entirely different set of fitness benefits accompanies resistance training: improved muscle development, elevated metabolism, stabilized joints, better balance and greater flexibility.

MYTH: Personal training requires meeting with a trainer five times a week.

TRUTH: At LEAN, frequency of training is determined entirely by the client and is best decided after considering several factors: the client’s existing training program, physical condition and time availability. Some of our clients train up to three times a week while others train once every two weeks. Our trainers can help you decide the best work-out schedule for you to ensure you achieve your own fitness goals.

MYTH: Exercising requires several hours out of a person’s daily schedule.

TRUTH: Exercise does not have to be a time drain. Personal training at LEAN provides clients with a strategy that makes their training effective and safe, as well as time efficient. Functional training, LEAN’s specialty training method, gives the client a whole body work-out that optimizes the client’s exercise time.

MYTH: Personal training facilities are intimidating.

TRUTH: While this may be true of some personal training facilities, LEAN’s studio is the opposite of intimidating. We’ve created an uplifting and encouraging atmosphere; besides being a private studio, our trainers are compassionate, caring people who want to see each client succeed.

MYTH: Seniors should not work out.

TRUTH: No one is too old to exercise. Unless prohibited to do so by a doctor, older adults should work-out frequently, as it is just as important for them as it is for their younger counterparts. Improving bone density, balance and muscle strength are all common and necessary goals for older adults, and resistance training at LEAN accomplishes all this and more.