Clients of LEAN have different goals, from fat loss to general exercise to post-injury exercise. Sure, we could tell you how effective our programs are, but we’ll let our clients tell you instead: Fat Loss clients Making the decision to change my life was one of the most difficult steps I have ever taken. Choosing LEAN to help me has made all the difference in being able to stay committed to my goals. John has confidence in me when I don't, and I leave every work-out with a renewed sense of strength -- inside and out -- and a proud feeling of achievement. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.) - Jessica

I've gone from 211 pounds to 185 pounds, a total loss of 26 pounds. . . What I enjoy most about working out at LEAN is the diversity of work-outs, the cable machines, and the free weights. Justin is constantly pushing me to go further and challenging my limits. Since working out at LEAN I've seen results that I've never seen after any other work-outs. I've trimmed a lot of fat and gained more muscle definition. It's a great feeling to receive compliments from people that notice the results. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.)Ryan

When I started asking around about personal trainers, “LEAN” kept coming up. People who recommended LEAN loved the personalized programs, the whole body approach – nutrition as well as exercise -- and the knowledge of the trainers. “You can trust that you are in the hands of people that know what they are doing” they said, and I have found that all to be true!.

I started working with Ian at LEAN (because I) wanted to trim down, firm up, and feel more energized. . . I had already started saying to myself, “Oh, I can’t do those stairs anymore, or shovel the driveway, or walk through airports without huffing and puffing.”

I’ve (now) lost 12 lbs. and gone down two dress sizes. I love fitting easily into my clothes! It’s like having a whole new wardrobe. I helped shovel the driveway in our recent snow, hiked easily through airports during my trip to San Francisco, and take the stairs up to choir at church without being afraid I won’t get my breath back in time to sing.

How did we do it? When Ian and I started, I told him I am a big fan of variety and he listened. I’ve not done the same work-out since we started; some of the same exercises, but different routines. I love it! Ian is really great about encouraging me and pushing me when we need to get to the next level. We also talked about eating, and Ian encouraged me to keep a journal. I finally found what works for me (in this area).

I would highly recommend LEAN to anyone that’s ready to take the step! (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.) - Jill

Office Professionals I have been training with Jeff at LEAN for almost a year now, and for the first time in my life I am seeing truly amazing results! . . . Jeff's attentive training and motivation combined with his vast knowledge of nutrition and physiology have been magic for me . . . I look forward to every single visit and always leave feeling better and stronger than when I walked in. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.) - Larry

I don't think I have the words to say how glad I am that I was referred to LEAN and teamed with John. From the start we have talked about nutrition, cardio and resistance as a total and balanced program.  He is far more to me than a fitness trainer: he is my coach . . . I knew that I would want someone to challenge me and he has done that consistently. He knows when I can do more and encourages more; he knows when I've done enough and praises what I've accomplished. Basically, he has helped instill in me a mindset that makes me want to do my best.

When we started working together I told John that I wanted do every move in a way that would be most helpful to me. . . I'm certain that it has helped me focus on the targeted muscle groups. I love it when he says, “you should feel this here, here and here,” and I do! My work-outs are challenging and progressively harder, varied, (and) fast-paced. . . This is exactly what I want and need to stay engaged and not become bored. After some heavy breathing, lots of sweat and a few laughs, I have never left LEAN’s studio without feeling better than when I got there. Recently I mentioned to John that I knew I had "arrived" when on vacation it hit me that I wanted to work-out simply so I would feel better and have more energy!  . . . With 17 lbs. off my now "leaner" body (and at least that many more to go) I am confident, with John's professionalism, talent, and skill, that I'll be more fit in my 44th year than any other time in my life. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.) - Susie

When I made the decision to get off the couch and into a work-out program, I gave Jeff Howerton a call. After discussing some general goals, he paired me up with John Holley, who then sat down with me to talk about what I really wanted to achieve in a work-out regimen. My primary goal was to drop about 15 pounds, something I find hard to do since my job takes me on the road over 10 nights per month.

After starting with John I realized two things: first, that I was terribly out of shape and second, that a well-planned exercise program can actually be fun! As John and I began to work together, he taught me that results do not come from exercise alone and that diet plays an important role in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adjusting to this idea was a little tough for me because of being on the road and eating anything I choose on the company dime. John also taught me exercises that I can do in my hotel room on those nights that I don’t have access to equipment. John works with me in a way that is challenging, yet comfortable and has made me want to make positive changes in my life, for myself.

I’ve achieved so much more than just weight loss: I sleep better at night and feel better in the daytime. I am more conscience about the foods I choose and have become quite creative in putting together tasty yet healthy meals -- even in a hotel! My clothes fit better, my stress levels have decreased, and my self confidence has increased. I have lost weight, about seven lbs., so after three months I am about halfway to my goal. I’ve been able to keep those pounds off, even during the holidays. The list of results is endless. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.) - Shane

Interview with Duncan Duncan started training with me three hours a week in April 2008. His goals were not unlike most clients: he wanted to lose weight and feel better. We worked out at 5:30 a.m. three times a week, and the weight started to come off -- slowly. By the end of June, he had lost 12 lbs. and was down to 198 lbs. for the first time in several years. That’s when he got serious. With a goal to get down to 175 lbs., we started a 12-week program of strength and flexibility training, an hour of cardio work-outs, and, of course, a radical shift in his diet. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.)

Describe yourself before you started working out. I was sedentary. I’d sit at the office, get home, be with my kids, and I’d be too tired to do anything else. I was eating poorly and I’d describe my mental makeup as foggy and lethargic.

Why did you want to make a change? I didn’t have a doctor’s warning or health issues, but I’m turning 40 soon. Something about reaching mid-life made me want to be in the best shape possible. I wanted to be healthier and stronger and to lose weight.

Had you tried to get in better shape before? About eight years ago I got down to about 185 lbs. by running five miles a day -- but my body was different than it is now. I have a lot more muscle (after training at LEAN) and I’m in better shape than I was then.

What makes this time different? It would be easy to say diet, which is part of the answer, but step one was investing with a trainer. This time I’ve gotten real results. The fact that I feel stronger gets me the most fired up. I’m better with my kids, and I feel like I can handle anything you throw at me.

What has been the hardest part? Everything sometimes: At first I thought I was never going to get there. The first few weeks I would walk on the treadmill at 3.0 mph and wonder how I was going to get through another work-out. Now I’m running at 7.0 mph. It took about three to four weeks before momentum took over. Early on I remember a meeting I had with my boss in Chattanooga, and I was so sore I could barely walk to lunch. The group I was with got a block ahead of me before they stopped to wait. That’s how out of shape I was!

What changes have you experienced? I have more energy. I went from a 38 to a 33 inch waist, which I haven’t been at since college. I went from 210 lbs. to 172, and I’m still losing weight. My shirts are too snug in the shoulders now and loose at the waist, which is a nice problem to have. There is definition in my upper body and legs I have never seen before, and while I don’t have a six pack, I have what I call a “single pack!”

How did you change your diet? First of all, I haven’t had a cheeseburger in five months, but I don’t crave it anymore. I became much more aware of what I was eating (with the help of a food log) and started eating every few hours. Now I’m on auto pilot and I am naturally hungry every two to three hours. I’m eating smaller portions and it takes less to satisfy me.

What are you going to do to maintain your gains and losses? I’m not going to obsess over my weight. If you think about it, I’ve lost even more than 38 pounds at this point because I’ve gained so much muscle. I will find an hour a day to work out and make sure I do so on the weekends, even when I’m busy. I just don’t feel good when I don’t work out now.

Post-Injury and Illness clients In 2002, health issues robbed me of my drive to maintain a healthy lifestyle; poor eating habits and lack of exercise eventually pushed my weight to an all-time high. That's why Jeff's expertise and skills have been invaluable to me. His program has helped me maintain a consistent exercise regimen, and he's also provided sound advice on food and nutrition, which has benefited me tremendously. As a result, I've lost over 30 lbs and nearly six inches off my waistline. Working with Jeff has not only brought about welcome physical changes but has also given me a much more positive outlook. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.) - Scott

After several orthopedic surgeries and lots of physical therapy, I found personal training at LEAN to be the best next step in the investment of my health and well-being.  Before training, many sports I loved seemed out of reach but working out with Jeff gave me the confidence and the mechanical integrity to try skiing (again).  After coming home injury free and happy, I'm thinking tennis is next! (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.)Sarah

Seniors I have now been taking two sessions per week for about 18 months . . . When we started I explained to Jeff that I wanted to become a better golfer (and) to improve my overall health. Well, the results have been much better than I ever dreamed.  The exercises that Jeff designed for me have improved my balance, my flexibility, my core strength and my overall endurance. . . My golf scores have improved by a remarkable degree. For example, my handicap has been reduced from a 14 to a 9 (average strokes over par) . . . I love the new facility and I always enjoy our sessions. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.)Charles

College Students Having worked with other personal trainers before, LEAN’s philosophy truly is unique. Jay has been able to provide a customized training program that is responsive to my goals and really delivers results. After several months, I've never dreaded coming to LEAN or been bored while there. (*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.)Craig

*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.