What Exactly is a Mobility Assessment?

LEAN trainer Jeff Waller is providing mobility assessments, measuring the participant’s mobility, flexibility and strength in an effort to facilitate correct movement patterns and a healthier body. To understand better, I’ve asked Jeff to explain more about what to expect from this assessment.

What is the benefit of this assessment? How will it help me?

This screening will assess your mobility and identify your specific needs, which in turn will allow me to prescribe a regimen catered specifically for YOU!

Practicing these exercises will result in a more mobile you - When the joints and muscles experience new depths and ranges of motion, the strength training exercises designed by your trainer will become MUCH more effective!

What will I be doing during the assessment? How is it structured?

During the assessment, you will perform a mobility test/exercise for each of the seven “zones”. These tests will be measured on a simple “pass” or “fail” scale. Upon the completion of the screening, you will be walked back through each of the test exercises (which I encourage you to begin practicing immediately), and then I will begin to put together a custom correctional plan just for you!

Is this a one-time test, or is there some follow-up to ensure I’m making progress?

After the initial test, two follow-ups are recommended. Each “zone” has multiple correctional exercises accompanying it, and it is important to take the proper measures to ensure you and your trainer fully understand these exercises and how your body responds to them.

The test can be completed as often as you’d like – it’s great to check your progress along the way in order to know which exercises work best for you!

What is the cost of the assessment?

The initial consult/measurement is $50 and the actual session is $100.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact Jeff Howerton at jeff@leannashville.com.