What Do Fit People Know?

You know these people. You may envy them or, resent them. They’re the people you see jogging by the road on a sunny day or in the rain or when it’s 20 degrees outside or on a major holiday. You get the idea. They’re the people who break their neck to squeeze in a workout when everyone else is relaxing. They are happy, healthy and productive. They are fit.

So, what do these fit people know?

They have an insight not everyone else possesses, one that allows them to take an active role in their life. They feel strong, decisive and in control of their day. They don’t worry about the physical demands of work, they don’t struggle to accomplish tasks that require stamina and they don’t get sick often as a result of eating unhealthy foods and living a sedentary life.

Their exercise regimens and healthy eating habits help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and improve digestion. Many of these people once took medication for all the above.  Some no longer have to do so. They focus each day on healthy lifestyle habits, adding years and QUALITY to their life.

These people also have fewer pains. Although they may have a tinge every now and then from running long distances or soreness from their gym routines, they don’t struggle with debilitating back, shoulder or knee. They have stable muscles and joints, which not only keep them looking strong, but also keep them mobile. Again, they maintain an impressive QUALITY of life.

Could you be like them? The benefits are there for you to take advantage of; what’s stopping you from being fit?