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There are few mysteries about success when it comes to losing weight. Write down everything you eat while making small, healthy changes to your diet, exercise at a moderate to high level of intensity most days of the week and maintain focus on your goal. The intangible factor in success is you. Specifically, how well do you know yourself and what will it take to make sure you show up every day? “Getting here (to workout) is the hardest part,” says Barbara Barrett. She started working out a little more than a year ago with the goal of losing weight and feeling better. Having spent 20 years caring for her three children, husband and late brother, her health had slipped to the wayside.

“I woke up tired, I was so busy,” she recalls. “I made quick meals for the kids and finished their plates.”

Sure, Barbara had lost weight before with a string of fad diets and exercise programs, but the results were always temporary. This started to change when her husband suggested she do something she had always talked about, but never done: hire a personal trainer.

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she says. “This is about changing me one day at a time.”

Barbara started by taking all of the junk food out of the pantry and measured all of her food, in order to learn true portion sizes. She used The Belly Fat Cure as a dietary guide and eliminated sugar and soda from her diet. The quality of her food increased and the quantity decreased, however she felt more satisfied with the food she was eating.

As for her workouts, Barbara puts her iPod on and walks 30 minutes before every hour-long training session. She also swims at home and walks when she was not in the gym. Seven dress sizes later, she shows up ready to work three times a week.

“I still have a committee in my head coming up with reasons not to show up,” she says. “But I have more confidence, I feel better and my energy level is unbelievable. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do this.”

Barbara’s Top 5 Keys to Success

  1. Change is a day to day process.
  2. You won’t change unless you are ready.
  3. Drinks a lot of water.
  4. A small handful of nuts are a great afternoon snack.
  5. Keep showing up.

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*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.

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