Six Strategies to Lifelong Fitness Pt. 5: Be Flexible

Sometimes the best laid plans can go awry - knowing your routine will get disrupted and accepting it and picking up where you left off can do wonders for yourself and for your goals and John Holley explains it better in today's installment on your six-step road to lifelong fitness.Your plan is to exercise for 30 minutes three times a week as soon as you get home from work. You have it in your calendar, you’ve done it two weeks in a row and are feeling pretty good about how consistent you have been. Then a client schedules a dinner meeting and you don’t get home until 8, exhausted and frustrated about having dessert and missing your workout. What are your options?

  1. You still have time to do an easy workout or take a walk to help you wind down before bed.
  2. You can exercise for 15 minutes today and add a 15-minute workout to tomorrow’s calendar.
  3. You can reschedule today’s workout for a different day.

When things don’t go as planned (and they won’t), it doesn’t mean the plan has to be scrapped, just adapted. Life is not a series of either-or choices and you always have an option, if you are willing to see it. When you are able to step into the moment and improvise, you allow yourself to enjoy the opportunities, which arise everyday. You can’t change the nature of life, but you can be flexible in your approach.