Six Strategies to Lifelong Fitness Pt 4: Build Consistency First

In this installment, our trainer John continues with his great tips on how to reach your goal of lifelong fitness. Build Consistency First

Making one change at a time may be new to you. If you’re like most of us, you have tried and failed to cement new habits in the past because you were too ambitious, you felt overwhelmed with everything you thought you needed to do, and you lacked consistency.

Creating lifelong wellness is your objective, so you need to find a way to incorporate simple and healthy actions into your day. For instance, making the choice to add 10 minutes of movement into your day, and then doing that consistently for a week or longer, will show you that you can.

It’s simple, people who make the goal to exercise twice a week are much more likely to achieve their goal than those who seek the “perfect” record of working out every day. This is not to suggest you can’t exercise every day, but if you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in a while, maybe you should be honest with yourself.

Life is complex and staying consistent with a new behavior will be a challenge. Start smart with one new activity, make it part of your life and build your lifetime of fitness.

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