Six Strategies For Lifelong Fitness - Part 2: Begin With The End In Mind

Last week John shared the first of six steps to lifelong fitness with "Find your why." What happens after finding your motivation to get fit and be healthy? You start to consider the tangible results you want to start seeing as you embark on this journey. Begin With The End In Mind

Once you have a compelling reason (your why) to lose weight or eat better or exercise more consistently, you have the fuel you need to succeed. The next step is to make a plan to reach your goals, but I can hear you saying, “been there, done that and I have a closet full of those dirty t-shirts. What else ya got?” Have you ever tried to begin from the place you want to be rather than from where you are?

The brilliance of beginning with your ultimate vision in mind is that your success (or setbacks) along the way won’t feel like a reason to quit. When your goal is a lifetime of physical movement so you can hike Machu Picchu, outrun your grandkids or live without meds, losing 10 pounds is simply a happy part of the process.

So, envision a healthy future and work your way backwards to the present with short-term goals. Taking the long-view means every step you take, every class and every healthy meal is a positive step forward.

We'll have Part 3 next week: Make One Change At A Time.

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