Should You Go Glunten-Free?

Do you notice mysterious allergic symptoms after eating wheat products? Watery eyes, shortness of breath, a skin rash and even digestive track problems are often signs of sensitivity to wheat, or more specifically, gluten. Gluten is a generic name for certain types of proteins found in cereal grains, mainly wheat, but also barley, rye, spelt, kamut (a version of wheat) and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). Current estimates suggest 1 in every 133 Americans react to ingesting gluten, which is in many products you may not suspect. Candy, some soups, oats, herbal supplements, dried fruit, soy sauce, tempeh, yogurt, many vegan products, prescription drugs and cheese sauces are some of the foods to which gluten is added. The list is extensive and the label may not indicate the presence of gluten. If you have gluten sensitivity, or think you do, visit for more information and a complete list of foods to avoid and those foods (beans, eggs, milk, millet, etc.), which are gluten-free.

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