Promises, Promises

As we head into February, our resolutions seem to be taking a back seat to other things in our lives. I read a study recently that said 90% of people forget about their New Years resolutions by the end of January! After only a month? What gives? Our mistake often occurs in making poor short term goals. In the arena of fitness, we want results and we want them now!!! You may want to call it quits if you haven’t lost that 20lbs by the end of January or if you can’t yet run a half marathon. These goals are good but they are difficult to attain within a month. Try making small changes. Tracking your workouts and monitoring your diet has proven to be the best way to stay consistent and make the best overall health changes. There is so much confusion with diet and what to eat-what not to eat. Track your food and look over it to see if you have bad habits. Also, track your workouts to make sure you are getting in enough exercise.

Don't give up on yourself! Although many people do not keep their exercise promises, you can, with the right goals and discipline. Make the commitment to do a "promise" check at the beginning of each month this year to assure that you stay on track. Remember, it's about the journey, not the finish line.

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