Motivation in Your Fitness Life

As the New Year becomes the Not-So-New Year, it’s easy for that resolution momentum to subside. It’s good to search out some other motivation and look to that for your second wind. So, what could this other motivation be? We all have specific goals, people, events, etc… on which we rely to keep ourselves committed to exercising and living healthier. Ultimately, the desire to be healthy and mobile is the most redeeming goal, but we often find ourselves using other incentives.

We can address the obvious, first. Exercise keeps you looking great. Less fat and more lean muscle tone not only gives your body a healthier outside but also a healthier inside.

Some people find tremendous success with preparation for an event, like a competition, wedding or class reunion. These are great short-term goals with a concrete ending. If well planned, the accomplishment of achieving these goals leads to the beginning of another goal and another.

A motivator for the dedicated exerciser is the challenge of watching how the body responds. Pushing to greater limits by running further, lifting more or honing the diet gives way to greater results. For this discipline, journaling exercise and eating is extremely rewarding.

Lastly, wellness can be a huge incentive. For people who have had a health incident or who just want more quality time to spend with family and friends, exercise is essential. Not only do they work out to lengthen their active lives, but also they do it to give it more quality.

What is your motivation now? What else motivates you?