Meet Michelle

What were you looking for when you sought out personal training? I was looking for weight loss, weight maintenance, endurance building and strength training but mostly I wanted to see my body change and see my self esteem change with it.

What concerns did you have about starting a fitness program?

I had concerns about being in a "gym" environment and how I would measure up to other clients and work-out goers. I was also concerned I wouldn't feel comfortable working out.

How quickly did you begin to notice a difference in how you felt?

I noticed a difference in how I felt within the first month of working out. I felt more energy when participating in cardio activities and felt stronger with workouts. I wasn't as tired after each one though I felt accomplished and worked.

What kind of changes did you begin to see?

The biggest changes I saw was when I would wear tshirts I felt my stomach was smaller or at least didnt show as much in shirts. I also noticed my cowboy boots felt better in my calfs. **Really I noticed my female chest parts were sticking out farther than my stomach was.** I also began to see changes in the fitting of my pants and shorts.

What would you recommend to others who are interested in undertaking a lifestyle change like this?

I would recommend doing it. Even if the weight doesn't come off or it takes a long time or your weight fluctuates, other health benefits come from working a fitness program with an experienced personal trainer such as lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and in the end you are adding years to your life no matter how old you are starting and that is priceless. Also my self esteem even with weight fluctuations is better overall.

What were your expectations from personal training originally?  Have those expectations been met and/or exceeded?

My expectations were to see weight loss, physical growth, physical body changes. My expectations have been met and exceeded. I have grown mentally and physically and had success in weight loss.

You are in the middle of graduate school at Vanderbilt, has personal training helped you during your program ?  If yes, why?

Personal training has helped me during my program because it is something I did for myself and only for me. It was a guaranteed hour mental break and was a time to put my health first which is hard during an accelerated graduate program. I also enjoyed the physical release of stress and negativity which came from personal training workouts.

If you were to give advice to someone considering personal training, what advice would you give them?

I would tell them to do it. Even if they can only afford (financially, mentally, time wise) two 30 minute sessions a week, it is worthwhile expense. You are buying into your future health physically, your mental health currently and ultimately just an overall sense of personal accomplishment. Personal Training is a fun way to exercise and you feel pain from a great workout but dont have risk of injury with someone watching your form. I would recommend it and the best thing is each personal trainer is different. If you want encouragement or you want aggressive motivation, its all there.

Any other comments that you would want to share?

I have loved my personal training experience and would recommend it as a successful form of physical fitness to anyone that asked.

*All results will vary based on training program and individual work.