Meet Marianne Wilson

How long have you been personal training, and what about it interested you?I've been a personal trainer since 2005.  I have participated in sports all throughout childhood and even into college.  During my senior year of high school, I tore my ACL during an activity.  From that point on, I was very concerned with protecting myself as well as others from injury and becoming a stronger, healthier person.  I learned that nutrition and lifting weights were the answers to my questions and concerns. Throughout my studies at Middle Tennessee State University, I also learned that I could protect my joints through strengthening the muscles that surround them and that proper nutrition would enable my body to perform at higher levels.  I have always been fascinated with the body and I naturally enjoy helping others.  With that being said, I became a teacher and love to share my knowledge with others. I am also a coach and enjoy motivating others. I have a client, Pam Brown, who has lost over 80 pounds through proper nutrition, strength training and hard work.   She is a prime example of why I do what I do. To see someone go through a life change and reach goals that they have set for themselves is so rewarding and is why I enjoy waking up everyday  It's such a blessing to teach high school students as well, the proper way to eat, take care of their bodies, lifting weights, stress relief, etc.  Needless to say, I love my jobs.  They are an extension of myself and not only do I have a chance to help others, they in turn help me.

You teach a wellness class during the school year.  Do you find yourself having some of the same fitness conversations with your high school students as you do your clients? Yes, my students are excited to learn that I also personal train. They ask many questions in regards to my career choices and many come to me everyday for advice. At the beginning of the school year during our introductions, I explain that I am also a personal trainer and if any student needs any advice on anything regarding fitness to let me know. They fill out questionnaires and have lots of topics to discuss throughout the year. I had a student who wrote on her form that she HATED physical activity and she HATED my class. This was the first day of the course. I heard the girl’s words and it was my mission to have the student love my class by the end of the year. I ran with her everyday. She and I set goals within 2 weeks of class and by the end of the semester, she had lost 25 pounds and could run a mile in 10 minutes. At graduation she gave me a hug and told me that she LOVED my class and really appreciated my hard work.

In my class we go further in to detail than my state standards because I am a personal trainer. We discuss heart rates, muscle groups with exercise to strength each, nutrition in detail, as well as many other topics that a personal trainer discusses with clients on a regular basis. I wish I would have had the knowledge my students are getting at such an early age. I didn't understand how important wellness was until my college years. My students learn this and some even try to implement this knowledge into their lives immediately. Others will use what they learn later in life. Either way they are gaining priceless knowledge they hopefully will appreciate one day.

You do a great job building camaraderie with your clientele and encouraging them to seek workout buddies. How critical do you think the social aspect is to working out? Thank You. Yes, I believe that everything is better if you share it with someone else. This is true for fitness too! Who likes getting up early and working out, or after a long day going to exercise instead of running home to sit on the couch?  The answer is very few people. When starting a fitness program, few look forward to sweating and hard work alone. If you have someone other than that perky personal trainer to hold you accountable, you will find better results. You will have more of a chance to succeed with accountability. Personal training is so successful with many people because of that accountability and having other people checking up on you and also doing cardio with you will inevitably help you to succeed as well. Everything is better if it's shared.

What do you recommend for exercisers who are slow to change the habits holding them back from seeing more results? I challenge you today to make the choice to be better for yourself. Don't make excuses.  Don't give yourself a "cheat" day.  Hold your self to a higher standard. If you want to accomplish your goals it takes hard work.  Nothing easy is worth it. To lose weight or get in that pair of jeans you've always wanted to fit in takes self discipline and dedication.  Why not today stop telling yourself that, "I'm going to change tomorrow."  CHANGE TODAY.  Take that first step to a better YOU.

Okay. It's Sunday afternoon. What is your perfect way to spend that time? My perfect Sunday is getting up and doing cardio with the girls. We either meet at Radnor Lake and walk the trails and/or we meet at LEAN and push each other in what we call "insane cardio." After I have worked out, I love to eat a great breakfast and then attend church. In the afternoon I love to take a nap watching golf or go to YOGA and then take a nap.  I generally finish my day with my family or friends having dinner. My favorite day is Sunday. It's starts with a great workout and finishes with great company.