Meet David Harvick

What was it that made you interested in personal training?I have always been very active in sports so fitness has been an intricate part of my life. I really got into working out and taking care of myself when I was in high school. My passion for fitness just grew from there. Once in college, I focused on Pediatrics but quickly found that I was not cut out for a life of working with sick children. I love the idea of helping not only children but anyone who wants to better themselves.

I was injured while playing baseball in college and soon realized that dream had to come to an end. Although I could not play the sport I had spent my entire life playing, I knew I had to keep fitness as a primary focus in my life. I changed my focus on a degree in health care to a degree in exercise science, and have not looked back!

Is there a particular style of your training your clients enjoy? I think everyone is unique and therefore, their training sessions should be the same. For the most part, I like to focus on bringing the full body into every workout. The majority of individuals today are looking to lose weight or tone up and this is a great way to reach this goal. By incorporating the entire body you burn more calories without running a high risk of injury due to overloading a particular muscle group. I also feel that stabilization training is a very big factor in everyone"s training program. If the small stabilizer muscles are not strong then they will be the first to go when stress is added to the body. I feel it is important to build a good solid foundation before moving on to heavier weight bearing movements.

Please give us an example of particular client success story. Although several people of mine have made amazing discoveries in the capabilities of their bodies, I always revert back to one of my initial clients who still trains with me today. He was in a severe car accident which nearly killed him. He had to undergo several surgeries and weeks of physical therapy to help with a destroyed foot and knee.  Once released from therapy he came to me so we could help him rebuild the strength in his legs and lose some unwanted weight.  He weighed about 250lbs and could not walk up stairs or carry his trash down to the street. Today, he has the freedom to do all the above and work up to an hour of cardio 3-4 days a week. He has a resting heart rate in the 40"s and has come off some of his medications. Also he has almost hit the 50lb mark for weight loss. Oh not to mention he is 66 years old!

What do you think this client do to create the outcome? He worked hard, was focused and believed in himself. I was his guide, but ultimately, he believed in achieving his goal. He logged his food for me to see and made adjustments where needed.  He did cardio on his days off, slowly at first but then worked his way up to doing much more than he ever thought possible. Last, he always made an effort to make every session scheduled, which in turn kept him focused and on track to reaching his goal.

If you're not personal training, how are you spending your day? mind never seems to stop!  If I am not at work and not chasing my son around the house, then I am working on something.  I do a lot of side jobs.  Ha. I try to keep myself active and busy a majority of the time.