Increase Your Apptitude

It seems everyone has a smartphone. Even those of us who don’t try to keep up with the latest version of the iPhone or Android use ours for business, to update our Facebook status and to download apps. Of course, shopping, sports and game apps are very popular, but what about the best apps for your health? If you want to take the next step on your journey to lose weight or simply want to learn how to live a healthier life one of these apps might make the difference. Multi-platform apps

Lose It! is a simple way to track calories eaten and burned through exercise. The best part is you can set and track your weight loss goals.

GymGoal ABC offers 280 exercise animations for those times when you can’t remember what to do with a dumbbell. It also includes a variety of calculators for target heart rate, body mass index, basal metabolic rate and body fat percentage.

iFitness is a great tool for logging your workouts. It also includes tips on cardio and exercise form and provides fitness routines specific to your goals.

Wellness Tip of the Day focuses on wellness. Example tips from this app include the health benefits of volunteering, why fresh fruit is better than fruit juice and other brief notes linking your lifestyle and your health.

MiMeals takes the guess work out of meal planning. This app includes meal planning, recipes, and grocery lists all to help you make better choices at the grocery store.

iPhone apps

Limeade guides users through fitness assessments and helps them develop fitness goals. The website offers versions for all platforms, and has a version optimized for the iPhone.

BMR Calculator allows you to estimate your basal metabolic rate, which means you’ll know how many calories your body requires to maintain your weight on a daily basis. This knowledge can help you plan your menu and workouts with your goals in mind.

Food Information Database doesn’t have a sexy name, but it provides essential information about the nutrition content of food from thousands of restaurants. Use it to avoid those “healthy” 1200 calorie salads.

Sugar Tracker is perfect for diabetics or anyone who wants to monitor their sugar intake. The data includes the sugar content in fresh, packaged and prepared foods.

Zen Timer is a timed meditation tool. Wait! Being healthy is not just about diet and exercise and stress reduction places a vital role in true wellness. Try a few minutes of peace and quiet…you might like it.

Android apps

Cardio Trainer + Racing is good if you have a competitive edge. This app challenges users to better their times via race simulators complete with a voice telling you how far behind (or ahead) you are.

Fast Food Calorie Counter will remind you it’s never a good idea to Supersize.

Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks your time, distance, speed and even the altitude of your cardio workout. You can also track your workout history and integrate Google maps and your audio playlist.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret is different from other calorie counters because it includes a barcode scanner for the supermarket. Simply scan the item and you’ll remember why you stopped eating Chips A’Hoy cookies.

AllSport GPS tracks workouts but also provides maps, virtual races, downloadable routes, elevation and speed graphs. This one also lets you post your workouts on Facebook.

These 15 apps are only a small sample of the thousands of health and fitness apps available no matter what kind of phone you use. The best part is, many apps are free or offer a free version for you to try. You can find the perfect one for you by doing a Google search or by accessing your service provider’s website.

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