The Importance of Microbial Health

Did you know that there is a entire living, breathing, multiplying, complex society living with, on, and inside your body? Welcome to your body's micro biome! The study of human microbiology is one of the fastest growing fields of medicine and science right now due to humanities technological advancements and understanding of the importance of these little "bugs" that live on and inside us! Scientists have just recently started to discover the importance of our symbiotic relationship to these little guys and how important it is to have a thriving community of them inside our guts for optimal health throughout our lives. Here are a few of the multitude of health benefits a health micro biome provides:

  • improved immunity
  • efficient breakdown of carbs, fats, and fibers
  • release of vitamins and nutrients in foods our bodies cannot breakdown and release
  • protection from infection of "bad bugs"
  • improved overall digestion and adsorption of all foods and nutrients
  • improved health and function of the entire GI tract and function as well as a decreased risk of colorectal cancer

So how can you improve your guts micro biome? Simple! Include more pre/probiotics!

Prebiotic (foods for the microbes) examples:

  • bananas
  • cooked and raw onions
  • chicory root
  • baked wheat flour

Probiotic (foods containing live microbes) examples:

  • *anything that has been fermented*
  • yogurt
  • kefir
  • sauerkraut
  • dark chocolate
  • miso soup
  • pickles

The average human diet does not contain nearly enough pre and probiotics and and has recently been recognized as one of the most serious health concerns for our modern times. Include the foods above and help support your body's micro biome so it can in turn help to support you!