I Brought Snacks!

Convenience stores, grocery stores and the guy who fills the break room vending machine make a killing every year because you just have to snack. Maybe it’s 10 am and you missed breakfast again, but lunch is still two hours away or, perhaps, yesterday’s hard workout has left you craving a little more nutrition today. Whatever the reason, you’re looking for something quick and easy to take the edge off your hunger. This time, try something a little more nutritious than another Snickers bar.

  1. Natural peanut butter on whole wheat crackers
  2. Banana or apple with a small handful of walnuts
  3. Whole wheat tortilla wrap with turkey and your favorite vegetables
  4. 1 ounce cheese with 1 cup of grapes
  5. Carrot sticks with ½ cup hummus
  6. 1 hard-boiled egg with an apple
  7. 1 cup plain yogurt with ½ cup blueberries
  8. Small baked potato topped with salsa
  9. Whole wheat English muffin topped with low-fat mozzarella
  10. ¼ cup parmesan cheese on air-popped popcorn
  11. Half of a cantaloupe filled with plain yogurt
  12. Protein shake made with whey protein, low-fat milk and fruit
  13. Tuna with whole wheat crackers
  14. Half of a whole wheat bagel with natural peanut butter
  15. Banana, berries and plain yogurt whipped in a blender

You get the idea. These are easy to carry and easy to make. Choose your favorites and there will be no need to ever try to take the creases out of a dollar bill again.