Tips from Jeff: Finding and Making Time To Exercise

exercise-tips-for-new-parentsI begin writing this in full disclosure that I'm sure my wife would be a more credible authority on the secret of exercise while being the parent of a young child. A child's needs come before everything else and at an early age, they have a lot of needs. Gone are the days of most leisure activities, including those that account for daily exercise. There is hope, though. As with everything else in parenting, finding time to exercise involves planning. Put it on the calendar!

Select a time in the early morning (before the child wakes up) or during an afternoon nap and commit yourself to exercising at that time. And, don't allow that time to slip up on you. Plan for it the night before or the morning before by prepping your post-workout smoothie.

Make it a real treat.

This can be a reward, after all. Spend money on some great workout clothes and wear those prior to your workout time. Get yourself hyped for this time you are giving yourself.

Use what you have

Start with 30 minutes of exercise and complete all 30 minutes, uninterrupted. Turn everything off except the baby monitor. If you can't get away, use workout tapes at home and create a spot in your home conducive for exercise. And, one more thing:

Track your progress

Write down in a journal what you do. In the weeks to come, you will be so rewarded and encouraged by flipping through the journal and seeing all you've accomplished in your workouts.

Expect to be exhausted for some of these workouts. Some days, you will need to sleep during this “workout time”. That's okay. Start small. Promise yourself to workout 2-3 days a week and increase that time and frequency as your child allows you more time to exercise.