Conversation Dr. J.D. Hasenbank (Part 1)

This is the first in a Q&A series with Dr. J.D. Hasenbank, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.  Find out more about his practice at

Jeff: Chiropractic can be a divisive topic, endorsed fully by some and shied away from by others. What distinguishes you, a sports chiropractor, from standard chiropractic care?

J.D.: Standard chiropractic care is more generalized in practice, with more focus on the joints. Sports chiropractic, a board level certification, of which there are only 2 in Nashville, is more issue specifically focused on muscle that is creating the joint problems. Sports chiropractic corrects the muscle dysfunction, leading to a longer-term fix for joint dysfunction. My practice also involves the re-education of these muscle dysfunctions through my work and my extended support team of trainers at LEAN.

Jeff: Okay. It sounds like your method doesn’t have to stop at just relieving the pain. You can actually help your clients prevent the pain from returning?

J.D.: Most practices use pain relief as the indicator of when to stop care, when most injuries have a 12-18 month window for full healing. My method provides follow-up testing to measure susceptibility of re-injury as well as re-educating the body so the injury isn’t repeated.

Jeff: I think we all know we could use more attention to our physical health, but often we’re tentative to act because we don’t the costs involved. How much would it be for a completely new client to come see you and get a plan for where they are and what they need?

J.D.: Pain is a great motivator. While we may see pain as something to relieve, it can also be an outstanding indicator of a greater problem on the horizon. An evaluation with me would be a lot like getting blood pressure or cholesterol checked. It would provide markers that would indicate your physical at-risk areas. Addressing these markers early on would prevent future physical injuries. The cost of that evaluation would be $160, if you have chosen to take the free FMS test at LEAN. If you take the FMS test at my office, the total cost would be $240.