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If you could stand to get motivated and drop a few pounds by eating better and exercising, there are more ways than ever. Health and fitness apps and gadgets have flooded the market and many are free or inexpensive. That’s the good news. The bad news is you still have to exercise and avoid the candy aisle at the grocery store. Then again, with so many high tech choices, you will easily find a favorite for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Galaxy, etc. APPS

My Fitness Pal is a calorie and diet tracking app which makes your food log public through Facebook or a select group of online friends. The daily counter also tracks your nutrition so you know if you are getting enough vitamins and fiber or too much sugar and sodium.


Calorie Counter makes entering your food intake easier. This app comes with a bar code scanner which uses your phone’s camera to scan labels for nutritional information.

Calorie Tracker focuses on tracking your daily fitness activities and offers a breakdown of calories burned by over 2000 activities. It also features a streamlined food diary.

Fooducate also uses a bar code scanner, which recognizes over 200,000 items and grades them according to nutritional value. A very useful feature is the ability to compare foods in terms of nutrition.


Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App has 36 exercises, 13 predesigned workouts and a custom workout feature, which allows you to design your own 7-minute workout. You can choose your rest periods, the number of times you want to complete the circuit and music from your personal library. keeps you on track to reach your goals by reminding you when action needs to be taken. Want to exercise every day at 6? You’ll be kept accountable and your progress will be tracked with this app.



Fitbit’s Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measures weight, body mass index and body fat. The scale tracks up to eight users and comes with a free app, which tracks your progress and helps monitor your food intake.

Jawbone UP is a wearable which monitors your activity and sleep. Jawbone syncs with apps like RunKeeper to track your data and guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

Under Armour Armour 39 is a chest strap (think heart rate monitor) which measures heart rate, calories burned and movement. You can track your efforts over time or share them online.

Omegawave is great for fitness buffs, techies or science nerds. The device tracks seven physiological markers, which are used to assess your readiness to workout.

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