Traditional personal training often leads the client from one machine to another. This type of training, however, allows the equipment to perform the stabilization work for each exercise and robs the client of greater muscle recruitment, core stability and potential for fat burning.

The LEAN Difference

LEAN Personal Training is built on the concept of “functional training.” At LEAN, you are the machine. Our work-outs revolve around exercises that require the use of your stabilizer muscles and primary movers, which all work together for lean muscle development, fat loss, and core strengthening. Functional training also provides exercisers with the greatest protection from injury.

LEAN trainers customize work-outs to individual client goals and vary the exercises depending on your specific needs. This eliminates all risk of “exercise boredom” and provides a fun, challenging experience in a comfortable atmosphere. Our experienced trainers keep you accountable to ensure you meet your fitness goals.

LEAN requires no fees besides appointment cost, and clients meet according to a “per session” schedule.